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Anna TAROCCO, MD, PhD student



2011: Graduated in Medicine and Surgery, magna cum laude (University of Ferrara)
2013: Master - Music and musicoterapy in Neurology (Ferrara, Italy)
2013: Master - Neurology of the Newborn (Naples, Italy)
2017: Speciality in Pediatrics, magna cum laude (University of Ferrara)


2012: Cerebral function monitor (Rome, Italy)

2013: Neonatal assisted ventilation (Ferrara, Italy)

2013: Prechtl’s Method on the Qualitative Assessment of general Movements. Basic training Course (Modena, Italy)

2013: Brazelton course A for term infants (Florence, Italy)

2013: Pediatric neuroimaging course (Genoa, Italy)

2014: Neonatal EEG (Modena, Italy)

2014: Neonatal brain ultrasound (L’Aquila, Italy)

2014: IPOKRaTES: Nutrition and Gastroenterology of the newborn (Dubai, Arab Emirates)

2015: IPOKRaTES: frontiers in Neurointensive Care and Neonatal Neurology (Valencia, Spain)

2017-present: PhD student in Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology (University of Ferrara)