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Castro-Obregon S, Cavallini G, Ceccherini I, Cecconi F, Cederbaum AI, Ceña V, Cenci S, Cerella C, Cervia D, Cetrullo S, Chaachouay H, Chae HJ, Chagin AS, Chai CY, Chakrabarti G, Chamilos G, Chan EY, Chan MT, Chandra D, Chandra P, Chang CP, Chang RC, Chang TY, Chatham JC, Chatterjee S, Chauhan S, Che Y, Cheetham ME, Cheluvappa R, Chen CJ, Chen G, Chen GC, Chen G, Chen H, Chen JW, Chen JK, Chen M, Chen M, Chen P, Chen Q, Chen Q, Chen SD, Chen S, Chen SS, Chen W, Chen WJ, Chen WQ, Chen W, Chen X, Chen YH, Chen YG, Chen Y, Chen Y, Chen Y, Chen YJ, Chen YQ, Chen Y, Chen Z, Chen Z, Cheng A, Cheng CH, Cheng H, Cheong H, Cherry S, Chesney J, Cheung CH, Chevet E, Chi HC, Chi SG, Chiacchiera F, Chiang HL, Chiarelli R, Chiariello M, Chieppa M, Chin LS, Chiong M, Chiu GN, Cho DH, Cho SG, Cho WC, Cho YY, Cho YS, Choi AM, Choi EJ, Choi EK, Choi J, Choi ME, Choi SI, Chou TF, Chouaib S, Choubey D, Choubey V, Chow KC, Chowdhury K, Chu CT, Chuang TH, Chun T, Chung H, Chung T, Chung YL, Chwae YJ, Cianfanelli V, Ciarcia R, Ciechomska IA, Ciriolo MR, Cirone M, Claerhout S, Clague MJ, Clària J, Clarke PG, Clarke R, Clementi E, Cleyrat C, Cnop M, Coccia EM, Cocco T, Codogno P, Coers J, Cohen EE, Colecchia D, Coletto L, Coll NS, Colucci-Guyon E, Comincini S, Condello M, Cook KL, Coombs GH, Cooper CD, Cooper JM, Coppens I, Corasaniti MT, Corazzari M, Corbalan R, Corcelle-Termeau E, Cordero MD, Corral-Ramos C, Corti O, Cossarizza A, Costelli P, Costes S, Cotman SL, Coto-Montes A, Cottet S, Couve E, Covey LR, Cowart LA, Cox JS, Coxon FP, Coyne CB, Cragg MS, Craven RJ, Crepaldi T, Crespo JL, Criollo A, Crippa V, Cruz MT, Cuervo AM, Cuezva JM, Cui T, Cutillas PR, Czaja MJ, Czyzyk-Krzeska MF, Dagda RK, Dahmen U, Dai C, Dai W, Dai Y, Dalby KN, Dalla Valle L, Dalmasso G, D'Amelio M, Damme M, Darfeuille-Michaud A, Dargemont C, Darley-Usmar VM, Dasarathy S, Dasgupta B, Dash S, Dass CR, Davey HM, Davids LM, Dávila D, Davis RJ, Dawson TM, Dawson VL, Daza P, de Belleroche J, de Figueiredo P, de Figueiredo RC, de la Fuente J, De Martino L, De Matteis A, De Meyer GR, De Milito A, De Santi M, de Souza W, De Tata V, De Zio D, Debnath J, Dechant R, Decuypere JP, Deegan S, Dehay B, Del Bello B, Del Re DP, Delage-Mourroux R, Delbridge LM, Deldicque L, Delorme-Axford E, Deng Y, Dengjel J, Denizot M, Dent P, Der CJ, Deretic V, Derrien B, Deutsch E, Devarenne TP, Devenish RJ, Di Bartolomeo S, Di Daniele N, Di Domenico F, Di Nardo A, Di Paola S, Di Pietro A, Di Renzo L, DiAntonio A, Díaz-Araya G, Díaz-Laviada I, Diaz-Meco MT, Diaz-Nido J, Dickey CA, Dickson RC, Diederich M, Digard P, Dikic I, Dinesh-Kumar SP, Ding C, Ding WX, Ding Z, Dini L, Distler JH, Diwan A, Djavaheri-Mergny M, Dmytruk K, Dobson RC, Doetsch V, Dokladny K, Dokudovskaya S, Donadelli M, Dong XC, Dong X, Dong Z, Donohue TM Jr, Doran KS, D'Orazi G, Dorn GW 2nd, Dosenko V, Dridi S, Drucker L, Du J, Du LL, Du L, du Toit A, Dua P, Duan L, Duann P, Dubey VK, Duchen MR, Duchosal MA, Duez H, Dugail I, Dumit VI, Duncan MC, Dunlop EA, Dunn WA Jr, Dupont N, Dupuis L, Durán RV, Durcan TM, Duvezin-Caubet S, Duvvuri U, Eapen V, Ebrahimi-Fakhari D, Echard A, Eckhart L, Edelstein CL, Edinger AL, Eichinger L, Eisenberg T, Eisenberg-Lerner A, Eissa NT, El-Deiry WS, El-Khoury V, Elazar Z, Eldar-Finkelman H, Elliott CJ, Emanuele E, Emmenegger U, Engedal N, Engelbrecht AM, Engelender S, Enserink JM, Erdmann R, Erenpreisa J, Eri R, Eriksen JL, Erman A, Escalante R, Eskelinen EL, Espert L, Esteban-Martínez L, Evans TJ, Fabri M, Fabrias G, Fabrizi C, Facchiano A, Færgeman NJ, Faggioni A, Fairlie WD, Fan C, Fan D, Fan J, Fang S, Fanto M, Fanzani A, Farkas T, Faure M, Favier FB, Fearnhead H, Federici M, Fei E, Felizardo TC, Feng H, Feng Y, Feng Y, Ferguson TA, Fernández ÁF, Fernandez-Barrena MG, Fernandez-Checa JC, Fernández-López A, Fernandez-Zapico ME, Feron O, Ferraro E, Ferreira-Halder CV, Fesus L, Feuer R, Fiesel FC, Filippi-Chiela EC, Filomeni G, Fimia GM, Fingert JH, Finkbeiner S, Finkel T, Fiorito F, Fisher PB, Flajolet M, Flamigni F, Florey O, Florio S, Floto RA, Folini M, Follo C, Fon EA, Fornai F, Fortunato F, Fraldi A, Franco R, Francois A, François A, Frankel LB, Fraser ID, Frey N, Freyssenet DG, Frezza C, Friedman SL, Frigo DE, Fu D, Fuentes JM, Fueyo J, Fujitani Y, Fujiwara Y, Fujiya M, Fukuda M, Fulda S, Fusco C, Gabryel B, Gaestel M, Gailly P, Gajewska M, Galadari S, Galili G, Galindo I, Galindo MF, Galliciotti G, Galluzzi L, Galluzzi L, Galy V, Gammoh N, Gandy S, Ganesan AK, Ganesan S, Ganley IG, Gannagé M, Gao FB, Gao F, Gao JX, García Nannig L, García Véscovi E, Garcia-Macía M, Garcia-Ruiz C, Garg AD, Garg PK, Gargini R, Gassen NC, Gatica D, Gatti E, Gavard J, Gavathiotis E, Ge L, Ge P, Ge S, Gean PW, Gelmetti V, Genazzani AA, Geng J, Genschik P, Gerner L, Gestwicki JE, Gewirtz DA, Ghavami S, Ghigo E, Ghosh D, Giammarioli AM, Giampieri F, Giampietri C, Giatromanolaki A, Gibbings DJ, Gibellini L, Gibson SB, Ginet V, Giordano A, Giorgini F, Giovannetti E, Girardin SE, Gispert S, Giuliano S, Gladson CL, Glavic A, Gleave M, Godefroy N, Gogal RM Jr, Gokulan K, Goldman GH, Goletti D, Goligorsky MS, Gomes AV, Gomes LC, Gomez H, Gomez-Manzano C, Gómez-Sánchez R, Gonçalves DA, Goncu E, Gong Q, Gongora C, Gonzalez CB, Gonzalez-Alegre P, Gonzalez-Cabo P, González-Polo RA, Goping IS, Gorbea C, Gorbunov NV, Goring DR, Gorman AM, Gorski SM, Goruppi S, Goto-Yamada S, Gotor C, Gottlieb RA, Gozes I, Gozuacik D, Graba Y, Graef M, Granato GE, Grant GD, Grant S, Gravina GL, Green DR, Greenhough A, Greenwood MT, Grimaldi B, Gros F, Grose C, Groulx JF, Gruber F, Grumati P, Grune T, Guan JL, Guan KL, Guerra B, Guillen C, Gulshan K, Gunst J, Guo C, Guo L, Guo M, Guo W, Guo XG, Gust AA, Gustafsson ÅB, Gutierrez E, Gutierrez MG, Gwak HS, Haas A, Haber JE, Hadano S, Hagedorn M, Hahn DR, Halayko AJ, Hamacher-Brady A, Hamada K, Hamai A, Hamann A, Hamasaki M, Hamer I, Hamid Q, Hammond EM, Han F, Han W, Handa JT, Hanover JA, Hansen M, Harada M, Harhaji-Trajkovic L, Harper JW, Harrath AH, Harris AL, Harris J, Hasler U, Hasselblatt P, Hasui K, Hawley RG, Hawley TS, He C, He CY, He F, He G, He RR, He XH, He YW, He YY, Heath JK, Hébert MJ, Heinzen RA, Helgason GV, Hensel M, Henske EP, Her C, Herman PK, Hernández A, Hernandez C, Hernández-Tiedra S, Hetz C, Hiesinger PR, Higaki K, Hilfiker S, Hill BG, Hill JA, Hill WD, Hino K, Hofius D, Hofman P, Höglinger GU, Höhfeld J, Holz MK, Hong Y, Hood DA, Hoozemans JJ, Hoppe T, Hsu C, Hsu CY, Hsu LC, Hu D, Hu G, Hu HM, Hu H, Hu MC, Hu YC, Hu ZW, Hua F, Hua Y, Huang C, Huang HL, Huang KH, Huang KY, Huang S, Huang S, Huang WP, Huang YR, Huang Y, Huang Y, Huber TB, Huebbe P, Huh WK, Hulmi JJ, Hur GM, Hurley JH, Husak Z, Hussain SN, Hussain S, Hwang JJ, Hwang S, Hwang TI, Ichihara A, Imai Y, Imbriano C, Inomata M, Into T, Iovane V, Iovanna JL, Iozzo RV, Ip NY, Irazoqui JE, Iribarren P, Isaka Y, Isakovic AJ, Ischiropoulos H, Isenberg JS, Ishaq M, Ishida H, Ishii I, Ishmael JE, Isidoro C, Isobe KI, Isono E, Issazadeh-Navikas S, Itahana K, Itakura E, Ivanov AI, Iyer AK, Izquierdo JM, Izumi Y, Izzo V, Jäättelä M, Jaber N, Jackson DJ, Jackson WT, Jacob TG, Jacques TS, Jagannath C, Jain A, Jana NR, Jang BK, Jani A, Janji B, Jannig PR, Jansson PJ, Jean S, Jendrach M, Jeon JH, Jessen N, Jeung EB, Jia K, Jia L, Jiang H, Jiang H, Jiang L, Jiang T, Jiang X, Jiang X, Jiang X, Jiang Y, Jiang Y, Jiménez A, Jin C, Jin H, Jin L, Jin M, Jin S, Jinwal UK, Jo EK, Johansen T, Johnson DE, Johnson GV, Johnson JD, Jonasch E, Jones C, Joosten LA, Jordan J, Joseph AM, Joseph B, Joubert AM, Ju D, Ju J, Juan HF, Juenemann K, Juhász G, Jung HS, Jung JU, Jung YK, Jungbluth H, Justice MJ, Jutten B, Kaakoush NO, Kaarniranta K, Kaasik A, Kabuta T, Kaeffer B, Kågedal K, Kahana A, Kajimura S, Kakhlon O, Kalia M, Kalvakolanu DV, Kamada Y, Kambas K, Kaminskyy VO, Kampinga HH, Kandouz M, Kang C, Kang R, Kang TC, Kanki T, Kanneganti TD, Kanno H, Kanthasamy AG, Kantorow M, Kaparakis-Liaskos M, Kapuy O, Karantza V, Karim MR, Karmakar P, Kaser A, Kaushik S, Kawula T, Kaynar AM, Ke PY, Ke ZJ, Kehrl JH, Keller KE, Kemper JK, Kenworthy AK, Kepp O, Kern A, Kesari S, Kessel D, Ketteler R, Kettelhut ID, Khambu B, Khan MM, Khandelwal VK, Khare S, Kiang JG, Kiger AA, Kihara A, Kim AL, Kim CH, Kim DR, Kim DH, Kim EK, Kim HY, Kim HR, Kim JS, Kim JH, Kim JC, Kim JH, Kim KW, Kim MD, Kim MM, Kim PK, Kim SW, Kim SY, Kim YS, Kim Y, Kimchi A, Kimmelman AC, Kimura T, King JS, Kirkegaard K, Kirkin V, Kirshenbaum LA, Kishi S, Kitajima Y, Kitamoto K, Kitaoka Y, Kitazato K, Kley RA, Klimecki WT, Klinkenberg M, Klucken J, Knævelsrud H, Knecht E, Knuppertz L, Ko JL, Kobayashi S, Koch JC, Koechlin-Ramonatxo C, Koenig U, Koh YH, Köhler K, Kohlwein SD, Koike M, Komatsu M, Kominami E, Kong D, Kong HJ, Konstantakou EG, Kopp BT, Korcsmaros T, Korhonen L, Korolchuk VI, Koshkina NV, Kou Y, Koukourakis MI, Koumenis C, Kovács AL, Kovács T, Kovacs WJ, Koya D, Kraft C, Krainc D, Kramer H, Kravic-Stevovic T, Krek W, Kretz-Remy C, Krick R, Krishnamurthy M, Kriston-Vizi J, Kroemer G, Kruer MC, Kruger R, Ktistakis NT, Kuchitsu K, Kuhn C, Kumar AP, Kumar A, Kumar A, Kumar D, Kumar D, Kumar R, Kumar S, Kundu M, Kung HJ, Kuno A, Kuo SH, Kuret J, Kurz T, Kwok T, Kwon TK, Kwon YT, Kyrmizi I, La Spada AR, Lafont F, Lahm T, Lakkaraju A, Lam T, Lamark T, Lancel S, Landowski TH, Lane DJ, Lane JD, Lanzi C, Lapaquette P, Lapierre LR, Laporte J, Laukkarinen J, Laurie GW, Lavandero S, Lavie L, LaVoie MJ, Law BY, Law HK, Law KB, Layfield R, Lazo PA, Le Cam L, Le Roch KG, Le Stunff H, Leardkamolkarn V, Lecuit M, Lee BH, Lee CH, Lee EF, Lee GM, Lee HJ, Lee H, Lee JK, Lee J, Lee JH, Lee JH, Lee M, Lee MS, Lee PJ, Lee SW, Lee SJ, Lee SJ, Lee SY, Lee SH, Lee SS, Lee SJ, Lee S, Lee YR, Lee YJ, Lee YH, Leeuwenburgh C, Lefort S, Legouis R, Lei J, Lei QY, Leib DA, Leibowitz G, Lekli I, Lemaire SD, Lemasters JJ, Lemberg MK, Lemoine A, Leng S, Lenz G, Lenzi P, Lerman LO, Lettieri Barbato D, Leu JI, Leung HY, Levine B, Lewis PA, Lezoualc'h F, Li C, Li F, Li FJ, Li J, Li K, Li L, Li M, Li M, Li Q, Li R, Li S, Li W, Li W, Li X, Li Y, Lian J, Liang C, Liang Q, Liao Y, Liberal J, Liberski PP, Lie P, Lieberman AP, Lim HJ, Lim KL, Lim K, Lima RT, Lin CS, Lin CF, Lin F, Lin F, Lin FC, Lin K, Lin KH, Lin PH, Lin T, Lin WW, Lin YS, Lin Y, Linden R, Lindholm D, Lindqvist LM, Lingor P, Linkermann A, Liotta LA, Lipinski MM, Lira VA, Lisanti MP, Liton PB, Liu B, Liu C, Liu CF, Liu F, Liu HJ, Liu J, Liu JJ, Liu JL, Liu K, Liu L, Liu L, Liu Q, Liu RY, Liu S, Liu S, Liu W, Liu XD, Liu X, Liu XH, Liu X, Liu X, Liu X, Liu Y, Liu Y, Liu Z, Liu Z, Liuzzi JP, Lizard G, Ljujic M, Lodhi IJ, Logue SE, Lokeshwar BL, Long YC, Lonial S, Loos B, López-Otín C, López-Vicario C, Lorente M, Lorenzi PL, Lõrincz P, Los M, Lotze MT, Lovat PE, Lu B, Lu B, Lu J, Lu Q, Lu SM, Lu S, Lu Y, Luciano F, Luckhart S, Lucocq JM, Ludovico P, Lugea A, Lukacs NW, Lum JJ, Lund AH, Luo H, Luo J, Luo S, Luparello C, Lyons T, Ma J, Ma Y, Ma Y, Ma Z, Machado J, Machado-Santelli GM, Macian F, MacIntosh GC, MacKeigan JP, Macleod KF, MacMicking JD, MacMillan-Crow LA, Madeo F, Madesh M, Madrigal-Matute J, Maeda A, Maeda T, Maegawa G, Maellaro E, Maes H, Magariños M, Maiese K, Maiti TK, Maiuri L, Maiuri MC, Maki CG, Malli R, Malorni W, Maloyan A, Mami-Chouaib F, Man N, Mancias JD, Mandelkow EM, Mandell MA, Manfredi AA, Manié SN, Manzoni C, Mao K, Mao Z, Mao ZW, Marambaud P, Marconi AM, Marelja Z, Marfe G, Margeta M, Margittai E, Mari M, Mariani FV, Marin C, Marinelli S, Mariño G, Markovic I, Marquez R, Martelli AM, Martens S, Martin KR, Martin SJ, Martin S, Martin-Acebes MA, Martín-Sanz P, Martinand-Mari C, Martinet W, Martinez J, Martinez-Lopez N, Martinez-Outschoorn U, Martínez-Velázquez M, Martinez-Vicente M, Martins WK, Mashima H, Mastrianni JA, Matarese G, Matarrese P, Mateo R, Matoba S, Matsumoto N, Matsushita T, Matsuura A, Matsuzawa T, Mattson MP, Matus S, Maugeri N, Mauvezin C, Mayer A, Maysinger D, Mazzolini GD, McBrayer MK, McCall K, McCormick C, McInerney GM, McIver SC, McKenna S, McMahon JJ, McNeish IA, Mechta-Grigoriou F, Medema JP, Medina DL, Megyeri K, Mehrpour M, Mehta JL, Mei Y, Meier UC, Meijer AJ, Meléndez A, Melino G, Melino S, de Melo EJ, Mena MA, Meneghini MD, Menendez JA, Menezes R, Meng L, Meng LH, Meng S, Menghini R, Menko AS, Menna-Barreto RF, Menon MB, Meraz-Ríos MA, Merla G, Merlini L, Merlot AM, Meryk A, Meschini S, Meyer JN, Mi MT, Miao CY, Micale L, Michaeli S, Michiels C, Migliaccio AR, Mihailidou AS, Mijaljica D, Mikoshiba K, Milan E, Miller-Fleming L, Mills GB, Mills IG, Minakaki G, Minassian BA, Ming XF, Minibayeva F, Minina EA, Mintern JD, Minucci S, Miranda-Vizuete A, Mitchell CH, Miyamoto S, Miyazawa K, Mizushima N, Mnich K, Mograbi B, Mohseni S, Moita LF, Molinari M, Molinari M, Møller AB, Mollereau B, Mollinedo F, Mongillo M, Monick MM, Montagnaro S, Montell C, Moore DJ, Moore MN, Mora-Rodriguez R, Moreira PI, Morel E, Morelli MB, Moreno S, Morgan MJ, Moris A, Moriyasu Y, Morrison JL, Morrison LA, Morselli E, Moscat J, Moseley PL, Mostowy S, Motori E, Mottet D, Mottram JC, Moussa CE, Mpakou VE, Mukhtar H, Mulcahy Levy JM, Muller S, Muñoz-Moreno R, Muñoz-Pinedo C, Münz C, Murphy ME, Murray JT, Murthy A, Mysorekar IU, Nabi IR, Nabissi M, Nader GA, Nagahara Y, Nagai Y, Nagata K, Nagelkerke A, Nagy P, Naidu SR, Nair S, Nakano H, Nakatogawa H, Nanjundan M, Napolitano G, Naqvi NI, Nardacci R, Narendra DP, Narita M, Nascimbeni AC, Natarajan R, Navegantes LC, Nawrocki ST, Nazarko TY, Nazarko VY, Neill T, Neri LM, Netea MG, Netea-Maier RT, Neves BM, Ney PA, Nezis IP, Nguyen HT, Nguyen HP, Nicot AS, Nilsen H, Nilsson P, Nishimura M, Nishino I, Niso-Santano M, Niu H, Nixon RA, Njar VC, Noda T, Noegel AA, Nolte EM, Norberg E, Norga KK, Noureini SK, Notomi S, Notterpek L, Nowikovsky K, Nukina N, Nürnberger T, O'Donnell VB, O'Donovan T, O'Dwyer PJ, Oehme I, Oeste CL, Ogawa M, Ogretmen B, Ogura Y, Oh YJ, Ohmuraya M, Ohshima T, Ojha R, Okamoto K, Okazaki T, Oliver FJ, Ollinger K, Olsson S, Orban DP, Ordonez P, Orhon I, Orosz L, O'Rourke EJ, Orozco H, Ortega AL, Ortona E, Osellame LD, Oshima J, Oshima S, Osiewacz HD, Otomo T, Otsu K, Ou JJ, Outeiro TF, Ouyang DY, Ouyang H, Overholtzer M, Ozbun MA, Ozdinler PH, Ozpolat B, Pacelli C, Paganetti P, Page G, Pages G, Pagnini U, Pajak B, Pak SC, Pakos-Zebrucka K, Pakpour N, Palková Z, Palladino F, Pallauf K, Pallet N, Palmieri M, Paludan SR, Palumbo C, Palumbo S, Pampliega O, Pan H, Pan W, Panaretakis T, Pandey A, Pantazopoulou A, Papackova Z, Papademetrio DL, Papassideri I, Papini A, Parajuli N, Pardo J, Parekh VV, Parenti G, Park JI, Park J, Park OK, Parker R, Parlato R, Parys JB, Parzych KR, Pasquet JM, Pasquier B, Pasumarthi KB, Patschan D, Patterson C, Pattingre S, Pattison S, Pause A, Pavenstädt H, Pavone F, Pedrozo Z, Peña FJ, Peñalva MA, Pende M, Peng J, Penna F, Penninger JM, Pensalfini A, Pepe S, Pereira GJ, Pereira PC, Pérez-de la Cruz V, Pérez-Pérez ME, Pérez-Rodríguez D, Pérez-Sala D, Perier C, Perl A, Perlmutter DH, Perrotta I, Pervaiz S, Pesonen M, 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